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Knowing Your Own Strength

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I cut myself last night washing dishes. I literally crushed a glass in my hand while washing it and this is the result:


This is so not a good time to learn how to be ambidextrous.

Goodbye Martin

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Honestly, (my dad’s going to fuss) I haven’t taken care of myself very well lately, and with our sporadic weather temperatures going from 39 one day to 70 the next, I felt a little cold creeping up on my senses, starting with the end of last week. Monday was the worst of it – which wasn’t even all that terrible – so come Tuesday, I sort of “had a day off” of work–and it was fantastic.

With a muggy day at 70 degrees, an off and on drizzle in mid January, an itchy throat and slightly runny nose, I thought it was a perfect time to take my boat out to Lake Martin…. Okay my dad is really going to fuss now.

It was an unweekend for me- like an unbirthday- but a day where I do everything I can’t do on a weekend because then I’m doing everything I can’t do during the week, because of work. I’d been putting off going for a while, using my weekends to spend necessary time with friends, so this was perfect.


If you couldn’t tell already, the lake is sort of a swamp in the St. Martinville area; rich with wildlife, lots of natural Louisiana kinds like grey and blue herons, egrets, water moccasins and ALLIGATORS! But unfortunately I didn’t see any this time.


People always ask, but I’m not afraid of coming out here by myself. I mostly come to clear my head. I heard once that when people feel disconnected from the world, when they feel isolated, a way to reconnect is actually with nature. It suggests that our society spends so much time lost on a sofa and in front of the computer, we forget how to connect with the real world. A phrase here meant, the actual earth we’re resident of.


Even though I have about seven more weeks left, I’m not sure when I’ll have the chance to come out here again. And I think it good timing to get caught up, reconnect before getting swept away. The rest of the day followed with yoga, reading, drawing, and then a small group meeting. So in short, my unweekend was really wonderful. And a definite must for someone doing the whole ” turning a new chapter” kind of thing.

Oh and this little guy caught a ride!

And just to give some perspective how small he was, that small black dot to the left of Wenonah, is him.. And that’s only half of my canoe.


Cultivating an Aesthetic

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Today at work I explained to this customer, a younger girl, what “vintage” meant. I referenced the full skirts of the 1950s and then the difference between those and the one that I was wearing, a mid-late 1960s look.
(this thing has a huge maxi length sweep… sooooo beautiful!)
She responded very sweetly but it made me wonder if she recognized the novelty in vintage as I do.
Then I immediately thought of the flatforms my sister gave me for Christmas and how much I’m in love with them.
If I had been wearing those and referenced the 90s and early millennia (though they’re not vintage), she probably would have related more, but still thought me uncool. Funny how beauty is so relative. I think my flatforms are the best idea the fashion industry has had in a long time. When I wear them, I say to myself, in all seriousness, “Thank God these are back in style”.

What I am excited about is the likelihood that my style would flourish in New York.
What were called platforms in middle school (Spice Girl era) are called “flatforms” today and I guess why they are so nostalgic for me is because that was a time when I was incredibly bold with my fashion. I am trying to be fearless again, with moving and all…
Fashion is just an easy way for me to muster courage. So I’m glad I have a good start.

Notice for the Landlord

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Last night I told my landlord that I was moving out. This morning I called one of my clients that I do custom work for, just so she wouldn’t buy too much fabric for the next projects.

I am frightened about this New York thing.  Somehow along the way, I’ve allowed this immense pressure of finding a job and be settled ASAP, to latch on to me.  Like a barnacle to the hull of my soul, I just want it off.  I keep hearing, “You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re going to make a big mess of things. You’ll screw up.”

Well, I’m saying now in response, “How can I know what to do now?  I haven’t even tried yet, so that question is poorly formulated and weak.  And so I’ll make a mess.  Good, at least I know I’m living.  And maybe, maybe not.  Screwing up is not the end of the world.  I’ve done it before, and haven’t caused a black hole to swallow us up yet.  So again, a poorly formed and shallow threat.”

…oh but I’m still scared….

This song came to mind, and I think it appropriate.

Foot in Mouth

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So I do have an iPhone now, the 4 to be precise. And I’m going to take back all those mean things I said earlier. ;)

One way stop

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An Upgrade from Analogue

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Discussed the idea of getting an iPhone for me. 
My dad followed up this suggestion with, “Yeah, I saw on the news they have an app for finding the nearest bathroom where ever you are.” 

Thanks.  Glad he’s looking out for my bowels. 

An iPhone does sound nice, it would be far more helpful than not having internet (as my current status reigns).  But I’m a little wary of losing touch with my analogue ways.  I cringe at the thought of becoming another number apart of the caloused-fingertip and gamer-thumbed Screen Generation.  Everytime I see someone touching a hand-held rectangle and rubbing their finger across the “page”, I swear I see their soul fall deeper into that maze of green electric board Megasquat and Gigapoo. 

Can this be helped?!


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